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Look who’s making an appearance in the grocery store checkout aisle!
page3_suzanne_nationalenq page2_suzanne_nationalenq… – Read More Now!

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I sit alone writing my books hoping that maybe it will reach one person who will be helped as a result. Recently this letter arrived and made my day. Read on to find out… – Read More Now!

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Dr. Burzynski

Know what makes me mad? When medical treatments are denied to the public so that pharmaceutical companies can keep their stronghold. My dear friend Dr. Burzynski’s discovery of anti-neoplastons is being blocked by the FDA even though he has completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials, with extensive success! This is unacceptable and corrupt. This is… – Read More Now!

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So many of us are united in our quest to keep safe access to natural medicine, including vitamins and supplements. Today I want to bring to your attention two individuals for whom such access is literally a life or death matter. Liza Cozad and McKenzie Lowe both have inoperable brain cancers. The FDA is preventing them from receiving safe, natural treatment which has already been… – Read More Now!

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Dear Life Extension Member,

Headline news stories yesterday parroted an editorial that advised consumers to “stop wasting money on vitamin and mineral supplements”.

As it relates to products like Centrum® and One-A-Day® that most people today rely on, we at Life Extension agree.

Be it the miniscule doses of nutrients in commercial multi-vitamins, or improper form of nutrients like synthetic vitamin E, these research findings do not support… – Read More Now!

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This beautiful letter comes from one of my readers and is an affirmation of all I‘ve written over the years…that if you are willing to do the work and learn how your body works you can enjoy peak health for life.

Read her letter, she ‘gets it’ and use her success as inspiration. You too can achieve the same in your own lives. I welcome your… – Read More Now!