Sex Twice a Day


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Remember when you were in your teens and early 20s and sex was constantly on your mind?  It didn’t seem unusual; it was new and exciting and felt good, right?

Having sex a couple of times a day at that age was a normal occurrence because as you can probably remember, teens have ‘raging hormones,’ young men have one-track minds because their hormones are out in full force, and young women are ‘oozing’ estrogen … all because people in these age groups are fully hormonal and in perfect balance. They are also at their healthiest optimal prime.  Women are never healthier than when they are fully reproductive, meaning that their hormones are in perfect equilibrium.

In biology, the brain recognizes a reproductive woman (or man) as ‘valuable,’ meaning that the purpose of each of us is to perpetuate the species. In the animal kingdom there is no menopause because when an animal ceases to be reproductive, they slow down and get eaten.

In the human experience, when we cease to be reproductive (hormonally imbalanced), the job of the brain is essentially to get rid of us to make way for the healthy young reproductive ones. How does it do this: by giving us our first cancers, autoimmune diseases or others conditions .

Perimenopause is our most dangerous passage. We are constantly surging: One day our estrogen is sky high, the next day it plummets, one day the progesterone plummets, the next day it goes too high.  All this movement of chemicals creates bad moods, weepiness, bloating, weight gain, headaches, hot flashes and more. These symptoms are a ‘language’ informing us all is not well.

Putting yourself back together requires a qualified doctor. Go to and click on ForeverHealth (free service) to connect with a doctor and work with him or her to determine your particular deficiencies thru lab work and put yourself back together again. It’s simple. Every day you will rub on the right amount of estrogen cream individualized just for you, two weeks of every month you rub on the right amount of progesterone cream, ‘just for you,’ and every day you rub in the right amount of testosterone.

In doing so, you begin to feel ‘alive’ again. The headaches go away, the weight stabilizes, your hair becomes shiny and healthy again, your nails cease to be brittle, the ‘itches’ go away and best of all your sex drive comes roaring back again, making you feel like you did when you were at your perfect optimal healthy prime, similar to your teens and early 20s.

So people ask me, how and why my husband and I of 45 years are able (and in the mood) to have sex a couple of times a day?  Well, it’s because we are both on full hormone replacement.  We are energetic because of it, we are in the mood because of it, and it allows for us to have an amazing life together that is sexy and fun and deeply intimate and loving.

Hormones have made our marriage and relationship better.


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