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I asked Bill Faloon of Life Extension to provide his take on the new guidelines for younger people taking statins.  He believes the side effects of statins are detrimental to optimal health and that the effects of interfering with testosterone production by taking dangerous statins rob the person of optimal quality of life.  Read his explanation of the flaws in these new guidelines and why statins may not be the pancea as touted by conventional doctors.  

Dear Suzanne,

These new guidelines expose how shockingly behind the mainstream is when it comes to preventing and treating heart disease.

Life Extension Foundation has long recommended that LDL should ideally be kept under 80-100 mg/dL . From the news reports, thenew guidelines  seem to say take statin drug when LDL is under 190!

They say take statins in the presence of any form of heart disease. Those with congestive heart failure will often see ejection fraction reduced in response to high-dose statin drugs (without concomitant ubiquinol coenzyme Q10 in doses of 300-400 mg/daily).  Making a blanket statement for all heart disease patients to take statins borders on malpractice.

Not all studies show that diabetics benefit from statin drugs. This should be determined on an individual basis, not a blanket recommendation for all diabetics to take a class of drug (statins) that reduce insulin sensitivity.

They omitted numerous other blood tests than can pinpoint what is causing a person’s arteries to occlude, including unbalanced sex hormones.

This group (United States Preventive Services Task Force) consistently make recommendations adverse to the public’s health, but because they are sponsored by the federal government, the media puts them on a pedestal and gives them credibility that their recommendations do not scientifically justify.

For longer life,

Bill Faloon, Co-Founder

Life Extension Foundation


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