Burzynski Unfairly Attacked Again


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When diagnosed with a serious cancer no one can honestly say, “I’m not worried, I’ll take a little chemotherapy and everything will be okay.” No one is that naive. The present standard of care for cancer treatment is a dismal failure. Perhaps there is no ‘cure’ because cancer has become a $200 billion dollar a year business. I have personally visited Dr. Burzynski’s clinic in Houston, Texas twice and I have interviewed several of Dr. Burzynski’s patients, including those with the worst types of brain tumors who are still alive and thriving years after his treatment. Many of his patients are grateful, happy people. They appear to love him as a person and I am touched by the compassion he shows towards each patient. There is clearly a personal connection.

One little girl I met had been sent home to die at two years old by conventional oncologists. As a last resort her parents brought her to Dr. Burzynski. I had the pleasure of meeting her three years ago at ten years old; alive, vibrant and well. Dr. Burzynski’s work has been in identifyng the peptide missing in the liver that controls cell multiplication. The crux of his findings is that if you can control cell multiplication you can control cancer growth. This treatment is called antineoplastons. As someone who has been misdiagnosed by conventional oncology I still shiver to think what would have happened had I taken the recommended chemotherapy. My quality of life and my life itself would have taken a serious downward turn, all for a cancer I DID NOT HAVE! A misdiagnosis can happen to anyone.

So I ask this question, “Is there even one oncologist anywhere who has never lost a patient?” Cancer is deadly. Some live and some don’t. Dr. Burzynski has saved many lives, while preserving the quality of that patient’s life. The relentless attacks on Dr. Burzynski makes me believe his treatment poses a serious threat to the industry. To be fair, why not have all conventional oncologist open their files for everyone to see, allowing us to look at their success rates? Until that transparency exists, they should stop throwing stones.


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