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This beautiful letter comes from one of my readers and is an affirmation of all I‘ve written over the years…that if you are willing to do the work and learn how your body works you can enjoy peak health for life.

Read her letter, she ‘gets it’ and use her success as inspiration. You too can achieve the same in your own lives. I welcome your comments.


Dear Suzanne,

My name is Jacqueline Coronel and because of you, my wonderful journey started six years ago. I will be turning fifty years old this November 28 and I am embracing life in a way I never thought I would. I feel better now than I did when I was in my twenties, thirties and horrible forties.

It all started when I was on my couch, feeling sick, tired, nauseated with migraines, bloated, full of anxiety and depressed all the time.

The only thing I was doing well was sleeping nine to ten hours a night and within a few years that failed too. I was sleeping one hour a night only. My life was terrible. My father died, my husband closed his printing company and my health was getting worse. I wanted to die. My mother became fully dependent on my family and I. For many years, my days were a struggle. A hot pad on my stomach and an ice pack on my head, were what my days consisted of. I thought, is this how we age? I was really scared.

I picked up your book, breakthrough and I was impressed. In your book, you had nutrichem as a reference. I called and made an appointment. I live in Montreal, Canada, so nutrichem was the closest for me. I went in Ottawa and met with Kent Macleod and he found my gluten intolerance and explained how everything was connected. I used his powders and supplements (I love his mega mag magnesium) changed my diet and started feeling better. It took a few weeks. I was really bad. I went through six hormone specialists before I found the one I have now in Montreal. One doctor took five minutes and asked me to write five symptoms and from that, gave me a prescription. Got rid of him fast. Another doctor said, why would you listen to Suzanne Somers and take hormones? He was upset. I said, she knows more than you do. She went through it and did research. I said good-bye to him for good. I went to Florida, Palm Beach, where I take care of my mother in the winter and saw a woman hormone specialist. I thought I hit the jackpot. I was wrong. She gave me too many hormones and didn’t understand me. Finally, I was going to go to the Tahoma clinic in Renton Washington to see Dr. Christa Hinchcliffe (I wanted Dr. Johnathan Wright, but they told me he only treats men) and just before calling to make an appointment, I finally found  doctor/naturopath in my city Montreal, referred by my compounding pharmacy. I should have gone to this man from the beginning, but didn’t have the patience to wait months for an appointment. He got the prescription right and I was rolling. I finally found balance with my hormones. I eat organic food as much as possible. I removed toxins from my household and skincare. I even removed my meal fillings in my mouth and my health began to turn around. I felt amazing.

I use your face master every morning, microdermabrasion once a week (then your recovery mask) and all your skincare because it is toxic free and WOW do I love my skin now! Never did before. I love dealing with Saul at SuzanneSomers.com He is so nice to me and knows me well. I even buy your whole skincare line from shop NBC when I am in Florida. I love your shampoo and conditioner. I use life wave patches Glutathine to detoxify, take antioxidants plus telomere support and I am a member of life extension. I have this amazing naturopath I see regularly and bring my family too.

Suzanne, you changed my life. I love to cook real food, eat real organic food, get my 8 to 9 hours sleep and feel happy. I’m not on medication anymore. I even had food intolerances and now eat not gluten or dairy at all. I get my hormones checked as soon as I feel symptoms, do metabolic panels, lipoprotein particle profile, nutritional testing and so on for me and my family. I just came back from Ottawa (November 16, 2013) and saw you in person with my husband. My daughter bought me a weekend package with your tickets (I’m too young for this), which also included dinner and hotel for my 50th birthday. I was the blond woman sitting about five rows up in the center. I seemed to be the only woman that didn’t answer yes to your questions because I was hormonally balanced, thanks to all the information that I got in your books. Your books gave me knowledge. I am going to be 50 this November 28 and most people give me early thirties. I started writing a blog to share my experiences with other women and hopefully I can change other women’s lives, like you did for me. My blog is agingwithlove.blogspot.ca

Suzanne, you’re the best. Continue all you do. Thank-you for my new life

Jacqueline Coronel


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