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So many of us are united in our quest to keep safe access to natural medicine, including vitamins and supplements. Today I want to bring to your attention two individuals for whom such access is literally a life or death matter. Liza Cozad and McKenzie Lowe both have inoperable brain cancers. The FDA is preventing them from receiving safe, natural treatment which has already been used right here in the United States with good results for more than 40 others!

Liza, McKenzie, and their families have been told that there is no effective conventional treatment, and that they each have a year or less to live. However, others treated with the safe, natural treatment created by my friend, Dr. Burzynski, have survived an average of 7 years with the longest surviving 25 years!

The FDA is standing in the way. Shouldn’t Liza and McKenzie have access to the treatment of their choice? Especially when conventional medicine has NOTHING left to offer them?  Don’t YOU WANT THE FREEDOM to choose your own treatment?

I have included detailed summaries of of Liza’s case and the case of a treated survivor, Noah Stout, below to help raise awareness of the facts! Help Liza Cozad and McKenzie Lowe by CLICKING HERE to learn what you can do to preserve life-saving treatments!

Word Documents
2013-12-28 Radio Script & Notes McKenzie & Lisa
2013-12-29 Liza Cozad Interview by Gavin Phillips
2013-12-29 Liza Cozad, Noah Stout (combined) by Gavin Phillips
2013-12-29 Noah Stout interview with father by Gavin Phillips

FDA Inaction = Death Sentence, p1 FDA Inaction = Death Sentence, p2


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