Susan’s Poly MVA Story


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I sit alone writing my books hoping that maybe it will reach one person who will be helped as a result. Recently this letter arrived and made my day. Read on to find out why.

“My wife, Susan at age 68, diagnosed with stage III Multiple Myeloma Aug. 17, 2008, after being rushed to the hospital with what we thought was a heat stroke, dehydration, and a 104 temperature. Test results showed she had a life threatening staph infection throughout her system as a result of bone marrow cancer which had destroyed her immune system. That was our introduction to Multiple Myeloma, an insidious disease that we had never heard of. The Doctors told us there was no cure for MM, but with the latest Chemotherapy treatments followed by either a stem cell or bone marrow transplant, survivability would be 2-3 years. The good news was we were fortunate to live in Seattle because the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (formally the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Clinic) is one of the leading facilities in the world for the treatment of cancer with stem cell and bone marrow transplants; a specialty.

Sue started her treatments with a combination of chemotherapy drugs (Velcade+Revlimid+Dexamethadone) at the SCCA in Dec. 2008. She continued these treatments for the next 8 months with good results as far as lowering her “bad” numbers (Kappa Free Light Chains and the Benz Jones protein) which are the main markers for MM. Aug 7,2009, one year after diagnosis, Sue underwent an Autogolus Stem Cell transplant at the University of Washington which was expected to give her 18 months of remission. Sadly, she relapsed after 2 months and was restarted on the chemotherapy (Revlimid) for the next 2 months with negative results. The cancer markers continued to increase with each monthly test. Her Oncologist could only offer to try a different combination of drugs with the hope something would work.We were desperate, but this seemed like not much of an option. Sue was already suffering from neuropathy in her legs and feet from the previous chemotherapy treatments. I had read Suzanne Somers’ book, KNOCKOUT, about alternative cancer treatments which included Poly-MVA. I called Gary Matson and made an appointment to visit him and the staff at AMARC. Sue and I were very impressed with Gary and all the staff at AMARC, with their story and sincere desire to help us. Sue started taking the Four Corners Protocol on January 20, 2010 at the recommended dosage, in her case, she was taking 1 Tbsp of Poly-MVA every 6 hours.

Six weeks later, Sue had her first tests since stopping all Chemotherapy and taking only the PolyMVA and Four Corners Protocol. The results were stunning. I will never forget the moment her Oncologist entered the room with the test results wearing a big smile and proclaiming Sue his “wonder woman.” Both the Kappa Free Light  chains and the Benz Jones  protein had declined dramatically. When I told him about the Poly-MVA his comment was, “Just keep doing whatever you are doing and I will see you next month.” He could offer no other explanation for the turn around in numbers. Sue has continued this same dosage of Poly-MVA with her markers declining with each monthly test (presently every other month). Her cancer markers are still present but at the lowest level since diagnosis five years ago this August. She just completed a full skeletal survey (16 x-rays) last month which showed that the lesions in her thoracic spine and leg have completely disappeared since the last exam 6 months ago.

Sue and I will be celebrating our 52nd wedding anniversary in April which we didn’t think would be possible after MM diagnosis in 2008. We sincerely believe this was only made possible by discovering Poly-MVA. We are looking forward to many more in the coming years. A special thanks to Gary and all of the caring team and AMARC for allowing us to share this story with others on the same journey.

Larry and Susan Lannoye”


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